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Voluntary Dives

Week 1 (10/29/18 - 11/03/18) Forward Group
Week 2 (11/05/18 - 11/10/18) Back Group
Week 3 (11/12/18 - 11/24/18) Reverse Group
Week 4 (11/26/18 - 12/01/18) Inward Group
Week 5 (12/03/18 - 12/08/18) Twisting Group
Week 6 (12/10/18 - 12/29/18) Forward Group
Week 7 (12/31/18 - 1/05/19) Back Group
Week 8 (1/07/19 - 1/12/19) Reverse Group
Week 9 (1/14/19 - 1/19/19) Inward Group
Week 10 (1/21/19 - 1/26/19) Twisting Group
Week 11 (1/28/19 - 2/02/19) Forward Group
Week 12 (2/04/19 - 2/06/19) Back Group

6 Dive

On all 6-dive dive sheets, the following must be done before a dive sheet can be submitted:

  • Circle the Voluntary Dive Number on the diving sheet. This dive must be performed first in a 6-Dive meet.
  • Voluntary Dives may have a degree of difficulty (DD) of 1.8 or lower. Use the assigned DD if 1.8 or lower. Use 1.8 if the assigned DD is higher than 1.8.
The diver and a coach must sign the diving sheet, and it must be verified by an official before competition begins.

For State qualifying using the 6-Dive format please check the GHSA website.

11 Dive

On all 11-dive dive sheets, the following must be done:

  • 5 Voluntary Dives
    • 1 dive of diver's choice from each of the 5 diving groups: Forward, Back, Reverse, Inward & Twisting.
    • DDs (Degree of Difficulty) when added must total 9.0 or less.
    • All voluntary dive #s must be circled.
  • 6 Optional Dives
    • 6 different dives with all 5 groups represented: Forward, Back, Reverse, Inward, & Twisting.
    • One of the groups will be represented twice.
    • DDs (Degree of Difficulty) when added must total a minimum of 11.5 for girls and 12.0 for boys.
All of the above dives must be totally different dives. That is, the dive numbers (101, 403) must all be different. All 5 dive groups (Forward, Back, Reverse, Inward, & Twisting) must be represented in the first 8 rounds of diving. This will be a combination of voluntary and optional dives.
  • Dives 1-5: Preliminaries
    • 2 voluntary and 3 optional dives, in any order.
    • Circle the 2 voluntary dive numbers.
    • The 3 optional dives must be from 3 different dive groups.
  • Dives 6-8: Semifinals
    • 2 voluntary and 1 optional dive, in any order.
    • Circle the 2 voluntary dive numbers.
    • The optional dive must come from a diving group that has not been performed in the preliminary optional dives.
    • For example: If an optional dive from the Forward group has been performed in the Preliminaries then no optional dive from the Forward group may be performed in the Semifinals. DO NOT REPEAT ANY OPTIONAL DIVE GROUP THAT HAS BEEN PERFORMED IN THE PRELIMINARIES!
  • Dives 9-11: Finals
    • 1 voluntary and 2 optional dives, in any order.
    • Circle the voluntary dive number.
    • 1 of the optional dives will be from a dive group that has already been used. The Finals are the ONLY round in which the optional group may be repeated.
All diving score sheets MUST be signed by the diver and the GHSA coach PRIOR to submission for competition. The phone number(s) and/or e-mail address of the GHSA coach must be listed in the appropriate place on the score sheet.
  • Final Check:
    1. Are all 5 voluntary dive numbers circled under Dive Order?
    2. Do the 5 voluntary DD s add up to 9.0 or less?
    3. Are the 5 voluntary dives from all 5 different dive groups?
    4. Are the 6 optional dives from all 5 diving groups, with 1 group being repeated in the Finals?
    5. Are the DD s of the optional dives, when added together, equal to 11.5 or higher (girls) or 12.0 or higher (boys)?
    6. Are all 5 different diving groups (Forward, Back, Reverse, Inward and Twisting) represented in the first 8 dives?
    7. Are all of the optional dives in the first 8 rounds from different dive groups?
    8. Are all 11 dive numbers different?
    9. Is the dive description accurate and official? For example, Forward 1 SS, not Front flip.
    10. Does the dive # match the dive description? For example, 102 should be Forward 1 SS.
    11. Does the Degree of Difficulty (DD) match the dive # and position (T,P,S,F)?
    12. For example, dive 102 Pike should have a DD of 1.5
    13. Is the diving form submitted the OFFICIAL NATIONAL FEDERATION DIVING SCORESHEET? Computer generated results are NOT acceptable.
    14. Are all signatures, phone numbers, e-mail addresses in place and legible?
    15. Has the student information at the top of the form been properly completed legibly?
  • State Meet Proof of Performance
    1. Has the 270 point minimum for State qualifying been met?
    2. Is ALL of the information on the sheet filled in?
    3. Has the Diving Referee from the qualifying meet signed the score sheet?
    4. Computer generated score sheets are NOT accepted!
    5. If the qualifying meet issued computer generated score sheets, did you copy ALL of the information correctly onto a National Federation form? This must include signatures.
    6. Are you SURE that this is THE scoresheet that you choose to submit?
    7. Go back and read over # 1-20 and the check list if you have any questions!

Judging Diving

  • Judge
    1. Deficient (maximum 4.5) (9-7-3)
      • Diver partially alters position of dive
      • Hands below shoulders in head-first entries, hands above shoulders in feet-first entries
    2. Deduct 1/2 to 2 points (9-8-2)
      • Oscillation does not stop at starting position
      • Oscillating more than 4 times before the arms move
      • One or both feet leave the board prior to back/inward takeoff
      • Spread knees in tuck position
      • Insufficient straight position in flying somersault
      • Entering to the side of the board
      • Twisting manifestly from the board
  • Referee
    1. Unsatisfactory (maximum 2) (9-7-4)
      • Clearly in wrong position
      • Hits the board
      • No attempt to come out of tuck/pike position
      • No attempt to come out of twist
    2. Deduct 2 points (9-8-1)
      • Violate forward approach
      • Balk
    3. Failed dive (9-7-5)
      • Dive other than on diving sheet
      • No starting position
      • Falls into water
      • Assisted by another person
      • No pike before twist on 5111B and 5411B
      • Feet touch first in head-first entry, head or hands touch first in feet-first entry
      • Twist more than 90 degrees greater or less than required at shoulders when hands/feet contact water
      • Twist shoulders past 90 degrees before feet leave board
      • Repeats a dive (same dive number)
      • Steps off board after starting position
      • Uses standing forward approach
      • Omits official description on diving sheet
      • Two balks
      • No voluntary dive first (dual)
      • Not perform dives as specified (Champ.)
      • Dive not listed in table
    4. Disqualified (9-8-3) - cannot continue to dive
      • Not make sincere attempt to perform dive
      • Dives are too difficult for diver
      • Unnecessary delays by diver
      • Unsportsmanlike conduct
      • Diver fails 2 dives
  • Awarding Points (9-7-2 a-g)
    • Excellent 10
    • Very Good 8 1/2 - 9 1/2
    • Good 7 - 8
    • Satisfactory 5 - 6 1/2
    • Deficient 2 1/2 - 4 1/2
    • Unsatisfactory 1/2 - 2
    • Failed 0
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